Creating the perfect interior is a whole art. That is why it is impossible to compose an algorithm on how to choose the right wall art canvas for yourself, since each person pursues thear own goals.

Someone wants to create a comfortable and warm room where they dream to spend cozy evenings with their family, others prefer strict minimalism and are afraid to oversaturate the interior with elements. However, everyone will definitely find something suitable for their interior in our collection of wall art canvas.

Why choose wall art canvas

A beautiful painting can become not only an addition to the interior, but also shade it, become a noticeable spot or become its harmonious continuation. A wall painting can also acquire symbolism, give a room a certain mood and atmosphere.

The wall art canvas created by the artist's hands carries a part of his soul, therefore only good vibrations will come from such artwork. Moreover, observing the same canvas for many days, months and even years can discover new and new meanings and show how you are changing.

When choosing a painting, you can adhere to the following tips:

  • Use the color wheel to choose the optimal painting color for your interior.
  • Pay attention to the style of the room. For example, in an interior oversaturated with colors, an artwork in neutral or pastel colors, in a minimalist style, will look better.
  • Concentrate on the meaning of the painting. Think about what kind of energy it should carry. For example, the image of the ocean will calm, and the abstraction created in bright colors will excite and energize.
  • Don't forget about the size of the room. For example, a large wall art canvas in a massive frame will visually reduce the size of the room.

How to choose the appropriate colors for wall art canvas?

Don't be afraid to experiment while choosing wall art canvas. However, balance is important in any experiment, since certain color combinations will be suitable for a specific interior.

When looking for color combinations, use Itten's circle. It is a model of the interaction of shades with each other. Shades that are in a circle on opposite sides look as bright as possible in combination. The closer the shades are on the circle, the less contrast they will look in the interior.

The main advice when choosing a wall canvas is that you should feel what kind of painting is really yours. You can open a listing in a specific category, for example navy abstract paintings or nature abstract paintings, and scroll through the page. Add the paintings, which were caught by your eyes to the wishlist to narrow down the choice. And then check the compatibility of the chosen artworks with your interior.

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PINK CLOUD 45"x33"