Pink is a very underrated color, as it is not often used in the interior, and is accused of stereotypical glamor and puppetry. If you think that an interior in pink looks vulgar, but want to add a drop of this feminine shade to your space, then pink paintings are the perfect solution for you.

Shades of pink are charming and range from dark almost burgundy to pale pink with a peach tint. Pink paintings will give the interior a slightly flirty and powdered look, they are great for a living room or dressing room. Artworks in light pink color will perfectly decorate a bedroom or hall and will give any room a casual charm and a touch of coquetry.

In which interiors do pink paintings look best?

It is a mistake to believe that pink paintings can only be combined with modern interiors, since, for example, powdery pink in combination with blue looks very noble, and in combination with gold – elegant and stylishly.

A canvas created in pink color, framed in a gold frame can be an excellent decoration for a Baroque interior, a motley painting with an abundance of colors and a dominant pink perfectly fit in the Boho and Kitsch interiors. An abstract artwork created using shades of white and gold leaf will complement the space in the style of Classicism.

When choosing pink paintings, do not be guided by stereotypes, since the canvas filled with various shades and color schemes will harmoniously complement almost any interior.

What colors in the space suits best for pink?

Pink is the color of lightness and tenderness. But depending on the shade it can give a different impression. For example, cold shades of fuchsia make a rather daring impression, but warm coral shades give an impression of tenderness and softness. Pink paintings in warm shades are perfect for the interior of a children's room or bedroom, and this does not necessarily mean a room in the spirit of a fairy-tale Disney princess.

Pink paintings only create an expressive accent and are perfectly combined with interiors where there are the following colors:

  1. lavender
  2. grey-blue
  3. beige or brown
  4. white

Pink paintings do not necessarily look childish and too variegated. For example, a pink canvas with shades of scarlet or deep blue creates the feeling of a sunset over the dark blue ocean. Such paintings go well with more neutral white paintings.

More intense artworks are usually used as living room paintings, as they create a relaxed holiday atmosphere. Calm shades of pink soothe and create a pleasant feeling of flight and tranquility, which is why such canvases are often used in lounges and rest rooms.

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