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Anna Clark

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“Creating art objects, I worked in lot of techniques until I found something that helped my imagination to reflect on the canvas. This is an impasto technique. I paint the image in large strokes adding volume to the surface of the canvas.”

Early years and school

Anna was born in Georgia and spent the earliest years there, surrounded by warm sunlight and clean beaches. Unlike the other girls in her age she was asking her parents to buy her a boat and a fishing rod, as the sea itself and marine creatures always
amazed her. She used to go fishing with her dad but once he caught a fish she begged him to let it go, and he did. When Anna was 10, her parents moved to Ukraine, to the suburbs of Odessa city.

As the artist says, she never noticed a difference. The same sea and pretty fish, the same openminded people with good sense of humor. Anna enjoyed her childhood and her parents called her “mermaid” as she spent the days long on the beach, made sand castles and observed people around. Since childhood she noticed the slightest details, that people usually not pay attention to. She loved discovering the closest to the house beach, and found some ancient fossils and an ammonite there. They were a pearl of her collection of sea treasures.

Anna went to the private school in Odessa and enjoyed her schoolyears. It was a school specialized in English and French language. Anna was into French, and studied it deeply even with a home teacher. She ended up reading the books in French and watching French series easily. Together with French Anna was interested in history of French art. Her home teacher had a bachelor`s in Theoretical art as well, that`s why he told her a lot of interesting things about artists form France. The girl started to catch interest in Paul Gauguin`s art.

“I love the colors, they are so juicy I would say. I mean when you look at his paintings it looks like he took the richest and deepest colors and put them on canvas. His artworks became a big inspiration for me as well as a push to become an artist. I started from Acrylic paints. I used to paint our home, our garden and our vineyards. The latest I loved the most, as each grape has its own unique color reflected with the rays of sun.

At the very beginning I was a bit afraid of making my art in public, it was something intimate for me, I didn`t want another people to follow the movements of my brush, but then I let these thoughts go and went back to what I loved in childhood: the sea, and the marine creatures, that`s why I was taking canvas and doing my art on the beach.  I dreamed of studying art and I worked hard to pass the entrance examination and I entered Kyiv Academy of Arts and Design by Mikhail Boychuk”

University and adulthood

It was a big stress for Anna to leave her home and her family and move to another city. “It was a pity for me to know that they don`t have any Art education institutions in Odessa.” But now the artist recalls university years with excitement. It was an important experience for Anna, she got an opportunity to rely on herself and to find the ways out of difficult situations by herself.

Anna was interested in history of art and was reading a lot of literature about impressionist and expressionist schools of art. She was practicing a lot in creating paintings with watercolor and acrylic paints and didn`t like graphics classes. She loved to play with colors and she was looking for the most saturated colors in color palette. This research led her to oil paints. “It was a crucial moment in, my life, I realized that I found the colors I enjoyed. I loved everything about oils: texture, volume, color saturation. It took me a long to master this technique”.

The artist graduated and got her bachelor’s. The first thing she did – travelled back to the place she was born to refresh the old child memories and see her relatives. She spent 3 months there and wend to Odessa. “My mom was asking me to make her portrait and I was always postponing this, as I was not sure in my skills, but finally I managed to do a good portrait for her and for dad, they were pleased.”

Then in Odessa anna met a soulmate on one of the exhibitions. This meeting was a turning point in her life, they both ended up in Kharkiv. Anna never considered this city as the one where she could live happily, but her opinion changed as she came there.

“I was happy to find a place where I could feel happy and safe as well as create my art and share it with people all over the world.”

The artist had a plenty of travel experience, but still she says, that the best places she ever knew are her home in Georgia and her home in Odessa. She always recalls these places with warmth.

Exhibitions and events

2017 – Exhibition of applicants to the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2017 - Members of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2018 – Art Exhibition of participants of Silver Easel Open Contest. (Uzhhorod, Ukraine).

2018 – Exhibition Art Twins Unity. Museum of Ukrainian Culture Outstanding Personalities (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2018 – Personal Exhibition "Marine perfection" Museum of Ukrainian Culture Outstanding Personalities (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2019 - Plein Air in Art Village (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

BULL VS BEAR 30"x60"


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"My art has long been an expression of my dreams. I’ve always dreamed of living in a small Mediterranean town, having my own studio, strolling by the sea, sketching and creating more and more new canvases. My dream found its reflection in my paintings. The sea has become my greatest source of inspiration. Sea abstract landscapes, color palettes reminiscent of Italian and Spanish towns, portraits of animals from exotic countries — I put a piece of my desire into each artwork.

A significant stage of my artistic journey involves paintings composed of multiple color blocks. Their palette is also aligned with seascapes. Studying the works of the great masters Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, I reinterpreted their approach, softened it slightly and applied it in my paintings.

Now my dream has come true and, I believe, largely thanks to my paintings. Now I work in a studio overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Changes in my life have inspired me to work more energetically, more expressively. I use small, precise strokes, filling the canvas with patches of color and details. My artworks radiate with even more light and optimism, and I believe they help viewers focus on desires and achieve them."

Balina is a talented Ukrainian artist who currently resides and works in Turkiye. She embarked on her artistic career more than 25 years ago. Throughout this time, Balina has developed her own unique style and found admirers of her art both in Ukraine and in Europe. She has experience in teaching painting, mentoring and conducting masterclasses. The artist uses acrylic, oil paints and Dutch gold leaf in her works.

Balina is a regardful colorist. Her interaction with color is impressive. To fully unleash the palette's potential, Balina employs large blocks of color that follow one another. This series of her works appeals to connoisseurs of minimalist abstract geometry. Another direction in her art is expressive abstract painting, where an intuitive approach to creativity is blends with precise color solutions.



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"If I were asked to describe my art in one word, I would say it is “Exploration”. I look for new technical solutions, refined perfect forms. I aspire to new ideas and motives, looking for new sources of inspiration and accepting new challenges. My paintings seek resonance with their viewers, their emotions and impressions, and, fortunately, always find it. My search has been going on for as long as I can remember and I'm not going to stop.

Everything new inspires me: places, encounters, things and impressions. I love traveling and discovering cities and countries. Metropolises with their distinct street culture particularly uplift me. Sometimes the impression is so profound that on my way back to the studio, I already know what kind of artwork I want to create.

My love for change pushes me to constant experiments. I explore different directions and methods. Nature enthuses me and I create abstract landscapes. Recognized masters of pop art inspire me to craft playful and paradoxical paintings in that style. The streets of Berlin, Athens and Istanbul spark a desire to create graffiti-inspired paintings."

Nastya Krykun is a young energetic artist from Ukraine who works in her own unique style. Nastya was born and raised in the eastern part of the country. She has been drawing since she was a child. Later she pursued painting studies at the Academy in Kharkiv. Nastya creates abstract canvases, as well as works in the genres of pop art and graffiti art.

The artist uses acrylic, oil, and spray paints blending various techniques of applying paints to canvas. Her artworks are always optimistic, brimming with her own energy, and, sometimes, the artist's sense of humor. This is the art that will make you smile.



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"Painting is my salvation. A year ago, when all external supports collapsed, art became my new foundation. Having gone through a challenging period in life, I personally discovered the profound healing power of art. The therapeutic effect of my paintings is felt not only by me during the process of creation, but also by my viewers. Abstract painting helps me most accurately express emotions, experience them, and let them go.  I follow an intuitive approach, focusing on what is happening inside me, listeningto my feelings and allowing my hand freely apply  strokes on the canvas. I like to work with large color patches, combine shades of the same color and add vibrant accents afterwards.

When I find myself in front of a white canvas, arranging my materials and brushes, it resembles immersion in meditation. I have been exploring meditative and spiritual practices for a long time, and I strive to endow each of my paintings with the energy of harmony and light. There are two moments that captivate me above everything else: when I first touch a clean canvas with a brush and when I look at a finished painting in the studio. This is how I see the path that I have traversed, and I thank myself for trusting inspiration and the world."

Kris, a young Ukrainian artist, was born in Mariupol, a city that is now practically demolished. Kris managed to escape and leave her hometown before it was completely seized. Currently, Kris is in a safe place, traveling extensively, and continuing to create her paintings. Kris studied at the Art Design Academy in Kharkiv and also took private painting lessons. Her unique worldview, exploration of esotericism, and philosophy are reflected in her works. Kris' paintings are full of optimism and seem to proclaim triumph of good over evil. She prefers to work with acrylic paints, complementing them with oil and Dutch gold leaf. A distinctive feature of Kris' artistic style is the chaotic brushstrokes combined with splatters and dotted strokes.



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"My art doesn’t have a single vector. I am thrilled by the opportunity to express myself in various facets of abstract painting. Geometric abstractions with their refractions and play of forms, expressive painting, where color and the artist's hand reign supreme, graphic canvases and minimalism — I’ve never sought to choose just one. The most important thing for me is to express emotion, create a mood and allow the viewer to experience a new impression.

Since my youth, I was inspired by monumental paintings, interior murals, and wall art. Now I create vast canvases that become separate universes, drawing attention. As I work on them, I feel how with every stroke, I infuse them with my own energy. Natural textures, captivating landscapes, and my own emotions serve as motifs for my works, which I express through form and color."

Svetlana Kalinina is a Ukrainian artist whose works are found in private collections in Europe and the United States. Svetlana was born and studied in Kharkiv, she graduated as a muralist from the Art Design Academy. Her career as an artist began over 20 years ago. During this time, Svetlana participated in regional and national exhibitions, attended plein airs and artist residencies.

As an artist, Svetlana chooses an eclectic approach to art. Her paintings hint at different eras and styles. Her method involves a combination of brushstrokes, touches of palette knife, work with acrylic, oil and leafing. One of the distinctive directions in her creative work is a series of artworks created using the impasto technique.

Svetlana regards helping others as one of the missions of her artistic journey. She takes care of the animals that have suffered due to the events in Ukraine, making donations from each artwork.


Khudakova Anastasia

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“I'm a
Ukranian modern artist with my personal vision of abstract painting. In creating process I use images-symbols of men and women in their own outer space
to convey the inner impulses and light of human heart.
Calm colors, dynamic stripes and lines and portraits make my paintings deep and
full of inner sense.”

Early years

was born in 1996 year, despite her young age she already well-known artist in Ukraine, who took part in many public exhibitions and had 2 private ones in
Kyiv and Kharkiv.

The artist was born in a small city Bila Tserkva near Kyiv, she spent her childhood there
with her family and friends. Anastasia was always an openminded and outgoing
person, she could find friends easily. Her parents were breeding horses, that`s
why she spent a lot of time with these friendly animals and had the one which she called her best friend. The horse, which name was Lili is depicted in
painting IVORY. The artist loved people and loved animals. In future they became a great inspiration for her artworks. She used to see only good traits
in people and made her artworks in warm bright color scheme mainly, it shows
that her attitude to people was positive.

She finished school in her home city and was preparing to the entering exams hardly
with personal teacher, who was also a family friend and a professor in a local
art school.

University years

Anastasia entered the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and it was a turning
point in her becoming an artist. It was a period of research, she knew that she would not create landscapes and portraits in classic style, she was studying
the art of impressionists and expressionist as well as cubism.

At that point she was into impressionism, she loved the way the artists of this
movement showed their impression from outer world rather than made their
artworks academically neat.

Anastasia used to take inspiration in local people and painted outside a lot. Anastasia
was a good student and was sincerely interested in studying process

“ I could see the fire of interest in her eyes when she started working on her art, she
loved colors, and sometimes she was criticized for being too “extra”. She used
a lot of red and orange and loved creating abstract portraits. That was
something she was really good at. ” – her groupmate and friend recalls.

The artist has 15 fully filled with small drawings sketchbooks, mainly passersby and
people in metro or in cafes. She loved depicting emotions and her personal
impression of these people, of their hairstyle, face expression or outfit.

“In spite of lack of details, she could depict people`s character through their eyes or
their posture.” – Anastasia`s professor says.

She was a
really hardworking. She knew that being a good artist doesn`t mean being gifted
or talented, but it means being hardworking and purposeful. Anastasia spent
hours with a brush in her hand to find a personal style which would show the inner impulses of people whom she depicted on canvas.

Travel to the USA

After graduation the artist traveled to the USA, in order to meet another, unfamiliar
culture, and to get to know people who rose in completely different historical
background. Anastasia visited New York and was impressed by people there, they
looked busy, and she could see a bunch of emotions on their faces. She went to Florida then to see the contrast between busy lifestyle and relaxed one. This
trip had a big impact on her art, Anastasia met new culture and the representatives of this culture. It was a push for a new stage of her art life.
When having come back to Kyiv she rented a flat and prepared herself for a period of recalling all her experience and creating an outstanding style, that
would characterize her as an independent artist. She created a bunch of canvas where she combined her experience, color feeling and skills and finally created something special, that pleased her a lot.

All the artworks were made on the basis of real people characters, she got to know when
studying at the university or when travelling to the USA.

“My favorite artwork is SOUL MATES, it means a lot to me. It is me in this painting
and the guy who I met in Florida. He showed me the best sunset on the bank of
the ocean and I used the relevant colors in my artwork. The title is also
rather symbolic. This impressed me how I managed to find a soulmate on the
other side of the Earth globe.”

Exhibitions and Events

2017 - Art
Exhibition in Art Village Gallery (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2017 - Art
Twins Message project. Leonid Kuchma Presidential Foundation Ukraine. Taras
Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Members of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2018 – Art
Exhibition "Inside" Historical and Architectural Conservation Area of
Zhovkva (Lviv region, Ukraine).

2018 -
All-Ukrainian Exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, National Union of
Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2018 Personal
Exhibition "Levitating" Art Village Gallery (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv
region, Ukraine)

2019 Personal
Exhibition "Space in you" Museum of Ukrainian Culture Outstanding
Personalities (Kyiv, Ukraine).


Solo L.

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Young, modern and so energetic! This is how
the popular abstract painter Solo L. is known in the galleries of modern art in
Ukraine. Her artworks are dynamic, original and convey the author's style. Now
you can buy them in our gallery

“Black and white color paintings can also be
very attractive”

Lisa is a young and prospective artist, who is
in love with creating modern minimalist painting in black and white color. She creates the artworks like a
musician and the brush in her hands is like a conductor`s tool. You can
literally admire her paintings for hours as after black and white color scheme
she hides a plenty of shades, bluish, greenish or pinkish ones.


Early years

Lisa Solo
was born in a family of intelligentsia, her father was a math professor at the
university and mom was a scientist. They considered Lisa as a future scientist
too, and since the early childhood she was taught by home teachers. She loved
the science, but not as a scientist but as an artist. All these chemistry
molecules looked exciting for a little girl as she considered them as small
beautiful pictures in textbooks rather than objects for a deep study.

the first artworks by Lisa included microorganisms and molecules. Parents
disrespected this attitude towards science and were rather strict to her. Lisa
recalls that her parents forbade teachers to let her draw a lot during the
lessons, that`s why being a child she already had to consume boring scientific
dry information without visual support. Still Lisa was rather optimistic
person, and parents` strictness didn`t interfere her from making her art late
at night under the blanket. She hid her little drawings under the pillow and
was waiting for the time when he could leave the house and drop this boring to
her science and immense herself in painting process.

School years

Lisa was
studying in a public school in Kyiv, she was a smart girl and could literally
handle any discipline at school. Moreover, she had private lessons with piano
teacher. She had schedule for every day and it was full, no time for personal
life at all. But this lasted only until teenager years hit her, and she started
her small rebellion.

When she
was 14 she used to miss some of the classes at school and just escape to her
granny house where she could just paint as much as she wanted. Her granny
supported Lisa a lot.

finishing school Lisa was supposed to enter Engineer studies faculty and even
passed all the exams on a high grade, but then she abandoned this idea. Parents
were desperate but Lisa realized that it was a high time for her to build her
own way. “It was a difficult decision for me, I didn`t want to make my parents
upset, as I knew they loved me a lot, just wanted the best future for me, but I
couldn`t just waste 4 years of my life at the university I didn`t like”. Lisa
decided to take a gap year and take a decision regarding your future. She temporarily
moved to her granny and started her search.

University years and

She knew
that the main area of her interest was Art, that`s why with the help of her
granny, she got the opportunity to attend private classes with Art teacher who
prepared her for entering the university.

She passed
the exam and entered  Kyiv State
Institute of Decorative Arts and Design. M. Boychuk.

“I tried to
use these 4 years of study to make up for the lost, as all I did as a school
child is learned all the school subjects perfectly. Also, I had a part time job
after university to pay for piano classes, as I`m still in love with this
instrument and many of my paintings are inspired by piano melodies”.

confess, that she stopped doing one thing that wouldn’t let her enjoy her life
fully. She stopped being perfect in everything.

helped me to make my art as you can see it now. It`s an art of imperfection, I
mainly use abstract shapes and figures, avoid academism and never ever create
my works without piano sounds on the background. Actually, all of my black and
white artworks are the piano melodies, which I put on canvas in the way I imagine
them, the more shades the paintings have, the more complicated and ear caching
song is.”

 Lisa moved to Kharkiv when she was 22 and made
several successful exhibitions there, and caught the attention of art lovers.
“I understand that the paintings I create and sell will most likely hang in
someone`s home or office. And I enjoy this feeling that people will have not
just a painting on their wall, but a melody, a melody, which is like a sunlight
reflected through the prism, reflected through my personal emotions and set on

Exhibitions and events

2017 -
Plein Air in Art Village (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2017 -
Members of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition "Charming and eternal", National Union
of Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2018 –
Personal Exhibition "Melody" Museum of Ukrainian Culture Outstanding
Personalities (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2019 - Art
Exhibition in Art Village Gallery (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).



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Many people call their  paintings a storm or a hurricane on canvas. Someone might think that the images that they embody in their canvases are crazy, and they will be right! Sisters Kryvonos create emotionally charged paintings that play on the feelings and emotions of the audience. If you look at their works for a long time, you will see trees, rivers, landscapes in them, or perhaps your deep thoughts hidden from the people around you. Don`t be afraid of playing with your imagination.

Twins Kryvonos were born in Kharkiv in 1990. Elena Kryvonos is now a professor of Arts in Kharkiv Art Lyceum And her sister Alina is a nurse and they both work as independent artists. 

Elena`s head has always been full of ideas, and she took the main inspiration in Pollock's artworks. “I love the way he uses paints on the canvas, I can see something extremely crazy in his works, and a plenty of layers makes his works three dimensional, as if you watch a cartoon and all the movements of the heroes are captured on one canvas.”

And Alina was a fan of classic art. The sister`s mother was an artist herself and she was consistently introducing her daughters to he world of art. 

Early years and study at school

Kryvonos studied at a private school. 

Elena knew that neither technical studies nor humanities attracted her a lot. The mother allowed the girls to choose their own way and never forced them to do the things they didn`t like.

As for Alina, since school years she loved natural studies and loved helping people. She was into Biology and she knew that she would work as a nurse. 

The girls were raised in the atmosphere of trust and support. 

This made them a very open-minded people. 

“My mom used to work a lot and I rarely saw her at home. I would miss her but at the same time I was aware of having enough personal space for me and for my art. You know, just a few artists can show their art at the very beginning of their way of becoming, and I am a person who would never share my art with the world without understanding that it is perfect enough.” – says Elena

“I knew that it would be difficult to do art and to help people at the same time. The profession of nurse takes a lot of time and energy, but I`m a person who always finds time for hobby. Later I managed to combine both my passions into one and opened Art therapy courses, where I still work as a coach.” – says Alina

Elena recalls her first job as a unique experience. She got it when she was in her second year of receiving education. It was a small private Art school for beginners and she was hired there as a teacher. “I was happy then as I had been keeping my childhood dream to become a teacher in mind. And I have not mistaken.”

Alina had been studying at the university and receiving her medical education when her sister had been working as a teacher at school. “I`m proud of her, and I was wondering how twins can choose so different ways in life. But still one thing has always been in common for us – the Art and strong desire to widespread it among people.”

“My sister was always busy making the notes for classes at the college, but we agreed to leave at least 1 hour every day for making art. I remember she was so afraid of losing skills in Art, but she never did.” – says Elena

At the end of the day we both do the things we like. I work as a nurse and also as an artist in TrendGallery and my sister works as a professor at Art college and as an independent artist as well. Our mother is proud of us a lot!” says Alina

Abstract Colorful Wall Art Original Hearts Painting on Canvas Vibrant Artwork Street Style Wall Art Original Fine Art | EXPRESSION OF LOVE - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings


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"I cannot conceive of myself apart from painting. It's more than a job or a hobby — art is my life. My first memories from childhood are connected with drawing, my dreams revolve around traveling, visiting museums and learning the art of painting. My greatest achievements lie in capturing the essence of different states and evoking the moods my paintings create.

I travel extensively, and each new place leaves its mark on me. Whether I find myself amidst mountains or by the sea, observing nocturnal streets or morning rain, I discover inspiration for my creative process. Anything can become an impetus: the delicate veins on a leaf, a glimmer on a car window, a majestic landscape, or a sudden smile from a passerby. I like to jest that I have a camera built inside me that captures these moments on film. Then, in my inner laboratory, these shots manifest themselves onto the canvas."

Nelia is a young Ukrainian artist whose captivating artworks have found their way into private collections worldwide. Nelia received a bachelor's degree from the Art Design Academy in Kharkiv, majoring in artistic illustration and graphic design. It was during her student years that Nelia embarked on daring experiments With a creative career spanning a decade, Nelia has developed her distinctive artistic style.

Her portfolio now showcases a remarkable collection dominated by expressive and geometric abstractions, brought to life on canvas using acrylic, oil paints as well as an array of other artistic materials.



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You will be absolutely impressed by the vibrant palette which she uses in her paintings. Katyrina uses bold combinations, and experiments with incompatible at first sight colors to evoke feelings of joy in those people who choose her artworks for their space. Her paintings become the center of attention in any room.



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"Among all genres and directions, abstract painting is my sanctuary where I can release control and simply create. They call my works expressive, vibrant, and extraordinary, but to me, they are a reflection of my state of mind, a sudden snapshot of what excites and delights. I’m told they are saturated with the sunlight and my sense of humor, and then I answer: “So what I create will serve as support for someone.”

I can’t see the point in dull tones and vague contours. For me, it's all about the flash, the emotional peak, the flight. I blend pure geometric abstractions with patterns and quite recognizable characters. I love to experiment and never limit myself to just a palette of paint and brushes. There is everything in my studio — aerosol cans, stencils, pastels and ink, colored crayons and all sorts of artistic materials. And I combine, mix, and complement them all in my art."

Farida is a well-known painter, muralist from Türkiye. Her canvases grace exhibitions in Antalya and Istanbul, as well as private collections in Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum and beyond, spanning the European Union, Georgia and the USA. Born in Central Asia, she pursued her artistic education there but eventually moved to Turkey to forge her path as an artist.

Her artistic direction lies in space embellishment and crafting monumental modern figures. Her works can be seen in malls, theme parks, hotels, exhibitions and cultural festivals. Always extraordinary, her creations captivate the eye. Fairy-tale characters standing up to 5 meters tall, forest spirits, handcrafted mountains and waterfalls, Venetian gondolas and giant clocks — Farida's ideas truly know no bounds.

As a painter, Farida creates a series of expressive abstract paintings following the method of intuitive creativity, as well as representational paintings inspired by her travels on motorcycle. Seas, mountain lakes, waterfalls and gorges become a source of inspiration for her art. Her pieces are born through innovative techniques and the fusion of paint application methods. These canvases hold great appeal for modern collectors.



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"I believe that art is a bridge between eras, as it is through artistic creations that different epochs and civilizations connect. In my paintings, I also try to reproduce the images and emotions that will pave this bridge from the present into the future.

Genre-wise, I enjoy working with abstract landscapes. I am inspired by nature in the early morning, fog over the water, calm sea, low pre-rain clouds. I prefer a restrained palette, using tones rather than bold colors. I call this combination of colors mother-of-pearl. My landscapes are minimalist but recognizable, carrying the essence of the place that inspired me to create them. Another aspect of my art lies in portraits of people and animals. Here, I allow myself to experiment with color and techniques. These paintings are mythical and each image depicted on them can be interpreted as a symbol or a sign."

Karyna is a professional artist from Ukraine. She was born, studied and worked for a long time in Kharkov. She holds a degree in monumental art from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, has been involved in wall painting, interior design, and art history. She delved into the artifacts of Minoan Crete civilization, visited the island of Crete for her research, and engaged with contemporary Greek masters.  Exploring the entire island on a bicycle, she made numerous sketches that later became the foundation of her paintings. Now she is fully focused on creating abstract artworks. The uniqueness of Cretan art is reflected in her series of portraits.



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Mykola is a young talent whose paintings have been featured in solo and group shows internationally. Working in a hybrid style of street art and pop art, Mykola's canvasses are vibrant in both their chosen color palette and gestural technique.



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"When creating paintings, what matters most to me is being genuine, not hiding anything from the viewer and giving complete freedom to my imagination. Paintings truly captivate and energize when the artist pours their inner strength into them.

I love working with large patches of color, blending shades of blue and turquoise with warm, sun-kissed hues. My inspiration often comes from lakes and rivers — spending time with my son by the water is my favorite pastime.  To convey my sense of fullness in these moments, seeing myself reflected and extended in my child, I paint large strokes, creating the illusion of a mirrored surface on the canvas. It's as if the painting has its own reflection, doubling the vibrant, rich colors.

Another direction of my work is graphic abstractions, executed monochromatically with delicate, graphic lines. For me, this is a series about the resilience and fragility of each of us. It was born out of my internal transformation associated with recent events."

Kate is a graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Together with her son, she had to leave her city because of the war, but despite all the difficulties, Kate never abandons the creative process, she constantly seeks fresh solutions for her paintings. Being a skillful colorist, she crafts remarkable images through the interplay of color and form. In Ukraine, Kate participated in group exhibitions, hosted two personal exhibitions, and curated art projects.

Kate works with acrylic and oil paints, favoring large canvases for her artwork. Her pieces have been exhibited in the EU countries, as well as in Ukraine, Turkey and the USA. Kate's paintings focus on the diversity of life, its ups and downs, its rebirth and the emergence of something new.


Konstantin Kip

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Energy makes our world move. While creating a new artwork I always try to depict how movements, which might seem chaotic at first, form vivid images inspiring us to move to new achievements and never give up. Wide brushstrokes are preferred as they fully render the great power of the human mind and soul that I try to embody on a canvas.



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Nora was born in Kharkiv

When she
was a child, she was into music. She attended piano and chorus classes and had
dreams to become a great musician. 

When Nora was in high school, she started getting interested in art. She began to think
about the possibility of making her favorite hobby her profession as well.

Nora was going to become a designer, as it was a relevant profession associated
with using colors and shapes. Nora was trying to create her own small production of hand-made clothes with unique designs, which she created by hand.
However, the artist realized that this activity was not enough to make all her
ideas come true.

Having visited the exhibition "Ambivalence" in 2014, arranged by the
Ukrainian art dealer Aleksandr Kuzminetsky, the artist realized that she saw
the only way for herself - abstract art.

"Abstract art has no boundaries, it is not burdened with rules. Standing in front of a
blank canvas, I realize that I will never run out of ideas. As soon as I dip my
brush in paint, ideas will pour out on their own."

Then the
artist joined the Ukrainian Association of Artists, where she met a huge number
of talented and creative people who helped her understand what it means to
create paintings based on emotional impulses or emotions associated with
positive or negative experiences.

Start of career

She started
her career while getting education at the university. She took part in her
first contest in 2016 and since then has been a regular participant of plain
airs and Ukrainian art exhibitions.

In the year
2019 Nora presented to the audience her first personal exhibition “Feelings”
which received many good reviews from art critics as well as was warmly
received by the visitors.  She has been a member of the Union of Artists
since 2014.

finishing high school, Nora entered Kharkiv Lyceum of Arts (2013-2015)

Nora also
received a formal education in Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts at the
Architecture Department of Painting and Composition, where she got a Bachelor’s
degree. (2015-2017)

The artist
herself admits that although she received a formal education, she considers
herself to be self-educated.

"I remember that when I graduated from university, I was able to paint landscapes
and portraits, paintings that require technical skills. However, later I
realized that classical art does not give me the space for imagination that I
need… then I found myself in abstract art."

Inspiration and
artistic techniques

Nora mainly
uses recursive techniques, as well as acrylic painting techniques. Her artworks
are full of energy. She creates a new space on the surface of the canvas,
adding wide brushstrokes layer by layer. The color palette of the paintings is
varied. Nora's artworks are distinguished by wide brushstrokes and inner

Nora creates paintings in two steps. The first step is getting inspiration. It can
appear at any time of the day, and its main source is Spanish music, which is
full of feelings and real genuine emotions, or sounds of nature. Nora usually
jots down her thoughts, goes to bed thinking about her future piece of art, and
then wakes up early in the morning to get to work as soon as possible. The
second stage is the process of creating the artwork itself.

“I have no
time frame for the second stage. The painting process can take one day or two
weeks. I'm a perfectionist at heart, so I won't stop until I get the best
result.”- the artist admits.

Nora is driven by emotions. Her state of mind is perfectly reflected in the paintings.
Her trick is that she draws not only when she is in a cheerful mood.

“The art should show the artist`s real state of mind, without idealizing.” – Nora

The history of
formation as an artist

The artist
admits that one of her goals is to acquaint as many people as possible with the
world of art.

used to the fact that many people perceive abstraction as random strokes on the
canvas that do not make sense. But I do not give up trying to show people that
abstract paintings are an explosion of emotions and feelings."

In 2017,
the artist took part in the Art Twins Unity project (Leonid Kuchma Presidential
Foundation in Ukraine), which was held in the Museum of Outstanding
Personalities in the Ukrainian Culture. The artist decided that she wanted more
people to know about her art and this exhibition was an excellent debut. Nora
got her own admirers and a large number of people wanted to purchase the
“abstract explosion of feelings” created by Nora on canvas for their homes.

After that,
the artist began to be invited to take part in many Ukrainian exhibitions:

2019 -
All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition "Charming and eternal", National Union
of Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2018 - Art
Exhibition in Art Village Gallery (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2018 - Art
Exhibition "Magic of color" Historical and Architectural Conservation
Area of Zhovkva (Lviv region, Ukraine).

2018 - Art
Exhibition during the Cinemaway fest (Zhovkva, Lviv region, Ukraine).

Nora has
never limited herself to creating paintings only for Ukrainian buyers. Due to
her friendly nature, the artist made a large number of friends in Europe even
before the beginning of her creative career. European houses also began to
gradually fill with the artist's paintings, and more and more positive reviews
were coming to her address.

Nora has
always had a dream to cover more countries with her art and at this stage she
is a member of the Trend Gallery team. Here the artist has learned to work with
huge canvases, is inspired by the ideas of her colleagues and is not going to
stop at the achieved point.

“At the
next stage of my development as an independent artist, I will conquer
exhibitions all over the world,” the artist says smiling.

Huge Colorful Abstract Paintings On Canvas Beige Original Artwork Modern Wall Art | TROPICAL WINGS - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings
Large Abstract Colorful Love Painting On Canvas Original Texture Painting Modern Oil Artwork Contemporary Art | LOVE GRAFFITI - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings


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Architect - The University of Melbourne Australia and designer - Lisbon Portugal Antonio
Arroio School of the arts. He has worked in several projects through the world, solo and
inserted in a team. He draws dinosaurs since he is 2 years old, comics since he was 17
(Metal Urlant - BD Magazine amongst other publications). He loves to paint since as far as
he can remember, mainly his works are spread amongst private collections of friends. He is
both Australian and Portuguese and he lived in Cape Town South Africa, London, Alabama
USA, Malaga Spain and Melbourne Australia where he worked with different companies.
Actually he is living in Antalya in the Turkish Riviera where he has his studio in the city
centre. He loves Tango, and reading, also a addicted on StarWars. “My imagination is the
limit” as he uses to say, and he endeavours one day to project his own residence. He has a
Calico cat named Mika.

SUMMER FLAVOR 47.2"x47.2"
URBAN JUNGLE 47.2"x47.2"

Vitaliy Ladovskiiy

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Vitaliy Ladovskiiy is a young Ukrainian painter who completely devoted
himself to modern abstract art. In his work, he uses different techniques and
motives. Often the source of his inspiration is landscapes, which are
transformed into abstract painting. Vitaly also finds inspiration in his inner
space. His works emerge from emotions, impressions and memories, which the
author expresses with the help of colors.

“ I don`t like being
in public and always do my art alone in my studio. But I really happy that I
can share my art with the world.”

Early years

Vitaliy was born in
1991 year. His mom was a babysitter and dad – auto mechanic. His parents worked
a lot and sometimes he didn`t see them for days. “I knew that they were working
and never blamed them for a lack of attention or something. I was rather
independent child, and at 10 years I already could cook a worthy dinner for my
tired parents, I was proud of myself”.

Vitaliy has been
rather introverted person and as a child he enjoyed time by himself. He had a
bike, which he rode around the city meanwhile exploring surroundings. “I hade a
close friend Max, he was such a lively and extraverted person, had a plenty of
friends and played football in a school team. But I was not into this
lifestyle, I just loved playing vid games with him, it was funny”. Ladovskiiy
was into computer science as a child and dreamed to be a game developer. “I
loved vintage games and even persuaded my parents to by an oldschool Nintendo,
it was quite expensive, but they gifted it to me for my birthday. I went to the
library to study information about videogames, and I was a big fun of them. As
I switched to high school, my parents bought me a laptop, and I started to try
myself in game developing, you know these simple games like Tetris”.

University and adulthood

Vitaliy had rather
good grades at school and then entered the university easily, He chose Kyiv
Polytechnic Institute, where he even was getting a scholarship. In parallel
with the computer sciences, he started to catch interest in arts, mostly because
of his university friend who used to create modern paintings. He engaged him in
painting creation process and Ladovsky decided to try something new. “I never
wanted to limit myself only with one area, and I never new that this my
decision would change everything about my future plans and future career.”
Vitaliy who is naturally close person, was involved into the meetings of the
local artists. “They all are really friendly and nice people, by talking to
them I changed my outlook a bit”. He graduated from the university, but his
next steps were rather unpredictable.

The artist rented a
flat in Kyiv, bought paints and canvas and started to create. His friends were
helping him a lot and they even persuaded one of their teachers in the Art
academy to let him join the classes, to get to know the theory and basics of
Art. “I worked at office then and did small errands to earn money, visited the
lectures in Art school and painted the artworks at home. It took me 3 years to
get to this point where I am now, I had many struggles with finding out my
personal style. Also, I realized that being abstract artist means to know
academic painting, but avoid it in your work. It`s like improvisation in music,
you should know the basics to do nice improvisation, otherwise you cannot sit
at the piano and just start playing, it`s impossible.

Vitaliy knew that he
had to do something with the lack of academic knowledge in Art, that`s why he
entered Art Lyceum in Kyiv. And finished it successfully. Besides this formal
education he took private lessons and worked hard to reach this success. “I
believe that it`s never late to change your directions. Life is like a video
game, every decision you make will change your life crucially”.

The artist believes
that without his friends` help and support he wouldn`t dare to make this
decision. “I`m a bold person when it comes to creating paintings, but not
decision-making process”. The artist recalls his way of becoming an artist as
not the smoothest one. But at the end of the day he found inspiration in nature
and in people, as well as in video games. “Some of my artworks are straight
references to video games, for example BIZARRE SIGN, ORANGE LABYRINTH, SILENT
SHAPES, UNKNOWN FORCE”. I love what I do and I glad to share my art with the
world. Also, I believe that everything in live happens for a reason and we all
should listen to our soul carefully. 

Exhibitions and events

2015 All-Ukrainian Art
Exhibition "New talents", National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv.

2016 - Social eco
project within Ukrainian Fashion Bazaar (Uzhhorod, Ukraine).

2016 – Exhibition Art
Twins Message. Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2017 - Plein Air in
Art Village (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2017 - Art Exhibition
in Art Village Gallery (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2017 – Personal
Exhibition "My way" Museum of Ukrainian Culture Outstanding
Personalities (Kyiv, Ukraine).



Helen Lamb

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Helen was
born in year 1970. Since her first art attempts in 6 years when she drew
landscapes she could see through the window she dreamed to be a great artist.
When she attended school, she felt really bored during all the classes except
of art ones. One of the main things on her table was a sketchbook which she
filled in with small sketches of everything what surrounded her. Teachers tried
to do something with this but then just reconciled.

parents supported her and hired personal teacher of arts to help her with
preparations to the entering examination to the Art Lyceum in Kyiv. All the
days round she studied academic painting, but she new that her goal was

Art influence

She was not
a person of academic art, she always preferred modern artists with their brave
ideas and she had her own ones.  At the
age of 15 she got acquainted with Paul Klee, and one of his famous artworks
Senecio. Helen was amazed by the bright color scheme and composition as well as
simple forms which create something grandiose, the artwork she could admire for
hours. One of the most important artworks for Helen is Fidelity of love, which
is inspired by Klee`s Senecio.

Helen was
born in a big busy city, in Kharkiv. The busy lifestyle of this city had a huge
impact on her artworks. They are full of energy and motions, as well as color
combinations based on the contra version of nature and city scape.

University years

For many
artists who prefer working in abstract techniques the university years may look
tough, as academic painting gives you completely different knowledge about art:

“It makes
you create the artworks according to the rules, but abstract artists love ruining
these rules.” 

As for
Helen, she remembers university years with warmth, as she found a lot of people
who supported her direction. The professors at the university gave her a space
for making her all style rather than established restrictions. Also, Helen
found many friends who were addicted to modern art their creativeness and
unique outlook inspired her a lot. Among these friends is Kladov and Solo L.
who now are the members of TrendGallery team as well.


At the age
of 22, when she got her bachelor`s, she traveled with her parents to Italy,
where they lived more than 5 years. These years changed the direction of her
artworks to landscapes

“ When you
sit near the sea, you realize that it`s such a powerful, even more powerful
than any human being in this world”

 At the time when she lived
in Italy, she started to experiment with color scheme of her paintings. As the
artist says herself “It`s impossible to remain indifferent to the colors in
this multicolor country. They are literally everywhere: in the reflection of
sunrise in the sea waters, the colors of houses and tablecloth in restaurants,
even people`s aura is so colorful”.

The artist started to catch interest in yoga and meditation, she read a
lot of books about Buddhist way of life as she believed that only inner
stability would bring her to her own way of making art. She found her personal
interest in “walking meditation”, when you immense into trance state while
walking outside.

“This type
of meditation is about self-control, when your eyes are open and you are moving
your body parts while walking, but still can concentrate on your inner feelings
rather than outer factors.”

managed to comprehend how to stay focused on your feelings while being
disturbed by all the objects and sound outside. She did it through the
concentration on colors of everything outside and her personal attitude and
feelings from these colors.

Helen says
that the ideas of below paintings was born in the trance states of mind.

Travelling to the

Helen left
Italy when she was 27, and it was caused by her desire to go back to the
homeland and create her art there.

“It was my
last ingredient in the recip of my own art, the feeling of home. I felt that I
would never have this feeling of home anywhere, even in sunny Italy. Ukraine
was in my heart”

The artist
moved to western part of Ukraine and dedicated herself to travelling around
this beautiful region. The next stage of her inspiration was hiking and
Mountaiscape admiring. “The more I was thinking about my perception of the
world the more I realized that I take inspiration in something big and
powerful. Mountains, sea, skyscrapers ets. And in my works, I tried to describe
inner feelings from all the objects of my admiration”. After her hiking experience,
she was staying a lot of time at home and was just trying to recall the
impressions over the Mountains she saw.

She brought
a small notebook everywhere with her , she wrote down the emotions she felt at
this or that time during her trips as well as made tiny sketches of the views.


As a fan of big and powerful things Helen
traveled to Paris, as this is absolutely a city of huge size landmarks. She was
in love with Paris and she haven`t made mistake when she came to there.

“Louvre and Versalle were awesome, but have you
ever noticed how big all the landmarks are? These people knew what to build to
impress the tourists” Helen realized that a weekend in Paris is nothing to get
to know this city and to dive into it`s tiniest cultural aspects. She went back
there in several month and lived 1 month in Paris, studying all the landmarks
and streets accurately. No details were missed.

“It was
exciting experience, I felt myself in another world, very unknown one, but the
one which was getting more and more familiar to me with every next day.”

List of Exhibitions

2015 - All-Ukrainian
Exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, National Union of Artists of
Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2016 - Plein
Air in Art Village (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2016 - Social
eco project within Ukrainian Fashion Bazaar (Uzhhorod, Ukraine).

2017 -
Members of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2017 - Open
contest in painting "Silver Easel (autumn)" (Uzhhorod, Khust,
Transcarpathian region, Ukraine).

2018 – Art
Exhibition "Magic of colour" Historical and Architectural
Conservation Area of Zhovkva (Lviv region, Ukraine).

2018 - Art
Residence within Cinemaway fest ( Zhovkva, Lviv region, Ukraine).

2019 –
Personal Exhibition in Kharkiv Exhibitions center

2019 -
All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition "Charming and eternal", National Union
of Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2019 - All-Ukrainian
Exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, National Union of Artists of
Ukraine, Kharkiv.



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My name is Nazarii Medvid. I was born on June 1, 1992 in the village of Komariv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Halych Region. I am the citizen of Ukraine.
I studied at secondary school of I-III grades in the village of Komariv. When at school I also acquired basic knowledge at Small Academy of Folk Handicrafts in the town of Halych.
In 2007 I entered Kosiv Specialized School of Applied and Decorative Arts of Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of Artistic Painting, where I obtained the qualification of Junior Specialist.

In 2011 I entered Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts of Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of Mural Painting, BA in Mural Painting.
In 2015 I entered Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of Sacred Art, to earn a Master's Degree.
Plein air between academies of arts - Nominated- painting- Poltava, Ukraine
Plein air between academies of arts - Nominated- painting- Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Ludynye / Gallery - Chernivtsi, Ukraine
kolos / Gallery - Lviv, Ukraine
LNAM / Gallery LNAM - Lviv, Ukraine
golden horseshoe of Lviv region / Museum - Lviv, Ukraine
Zhyttya / gallery - Ternopil, Ukraine
Some works are preserved in private collections in Canade, Czech Republic,GB, Germany, USA,
and othe

DEPTH OF NATURE 367 39.4"x39.4"
DEPTH OF NATURE 366 39.4"x39.4"
DEPTH OF NATURE 365 47.2"x35.4"


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Selda (Epice) Ozudogru

A little girl who opened her eyes to the world in 1979. I started living with my grandmother when I was 2 years old. I have loved painting since I was a child. My grandmother always
bought me paints and told me that I would make the world beautiful with them.
My family used to say, "This girl will be a painter when she grows
up" :). I was proud of myself as every picture I made in elementary school
was hung on the school board. My art teacher always supported me and believed
that I could do more.

 I started my high school education in Kalaba Girls Vocational High School in
1994. I was learning art. :) I graduated in 1997. It should have been at the academy now. I worked,
I studied, I studied, I was drawing patterns as if I was crazy.

               In 2001,
I won the Gazi University Vocational Education Faculty Painting Department with
the 2nd place. During this period, I met many artists. I graduated from the
faculty in 2005 and was then
an educator at the same time.

2001 and 2003, while continuing my education, I gave painting lessons to young
people who were going to take the special talent exams at the faculty of fine
arts. Many of my students have achieved the success they wanted.

               In 2007,
I started working at the Antigone Art workshop. While I was continuing my
painting studies here, I had many students and teaching children and young
people how to paint was the best moment. At the end of the academic year, we
opened workshop exhibitions. Many of my students, like me, passed the fine arts
academy exams and started their education. A few of my students have been
qualified to study art in the countries
such as Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada.

               It is a
project that started with the idea of ??“Art for All” by the University Society
Association, founded by Middle East Technical University in 2011-2013. It aims
to meet children who cannot reach art with art. In this project, it was our
first duty to paint with children and teach them how to paint.

               In 2013,
within the framework of the AbbVie initiative, I took part in the project of
exporting the emotions
experienced by the patients by bringing together ?M?H patients with artists
from all over the world. Each piece tells the journey of a person with their illness. My mystery was
chosen by the jury of AbbVie representatives for this project as the most
effective expression of emotions
and was exhibited all over the world in 2014 and further. It was also used as poster

               In 2013,
the Ankara Bar Association launched the “Gelincik” project to support all women
who were pushed, beaten, oppressed, subjected to psychological and sociological
violence. I took part in this project, in which many artists participated, and
our works became the symbol of violence experienced by all women.

the accident that killed 301 workers in Soma in 2014, I took part in the art
solidarity for the workers. The revenues of the works we produced were donated
to the children of 301 workers.

               I worked
as a Visual Arts teacher at Art College
(Private Arif Gürler Anatolian High School) in 2014-2015. During my tenure, I
established an Art Club at the school so that children could be intertwined
with art. In addition, by opening an art workshop in the school nursery, I also
helped little hands to get involved in paints.

               In my
painting works, each figure has a meaning and the color I emphasize in each
figure has a feeling. I take them to different worlds in places and create new
stories. Colors and textures gain a new dimension every day.



2013 Friendship and Art Meeting                                                                              Zonguldak-Ere?li Turkey

2017 Ardahan University 1st Art Workshop                                                                             Ardahan Turkey


2009 Ça?sav-Ankart Art Meeting                                                                                                   Ankara Turkey

2009 Artform Art Fair                                                                                                         Ankara Turkey

2012 Ça?sav-Ankart Art Meeting                                                                                                      Ankara Turkey

2016 Artform Art Fair            Ankara



2011 'Transformation' Personal painting exhibition                                        ANSE MDM Ankara Turkey

2012 Solo painting exhibition,                         Hülya
K?rm?z?o?lu Art Gallery, Istanbul Turkey

2012 'Violence Against Women' group exhibition                             Turkish British Cultural Association                                          Ankara Turkey

2012 'International Women's Day' Group Exhibition        Transparent Art Gallery Ankara Turkey

2014 '41 Dreams' group exhibition                                           Ordu
Cultural Center Ordu Turkey

2017 Mixed Exhibition                                                     
State Fine Arts Gallery Antalya Turkey


Original Abstract Gold And Black Paintings On Canvas Modern Painting Abstract Chain Textured Wall Art | GOLDEN CHAIN 32"x32" - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings

Tati Lal

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FLORAL EMBRACE 35.4"x23.6"
SAPPHIRE SURGE 23.6"x35.4"


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“I chose abstract painting because it allows me to concentrate as much as possible on the creative process and be in the moment here and now. Nature scenes are the
source of inspiration for my artworks. It could be waves rolling ashore, fog in
the park, dawn in the mountains and many other impressions from my travels.”

Kladov was born in a small village near Lviv. He has always been a person of nature. Since
childhood he spent hours in the fresh air and admired the views of the Carpathians. As he grew up he started to go hiking and sometimes disappeared in
mountains for days.

He left the home early. When he was 16 he entered the Lyceum of Art and moved to a flat which
they rented with his friend, who was a local musician. Together they continued
their way of becoming important people in the world of art. 

School and early years

Kladov didn`t like school, he missed the classes and ran away from school just to enjoy time with books or friends. At the age of 13 he started to catch interest
in painting. His family was not rich that`s why he got part time jobs to earn some money to buy needed tools and canvas. He was interested in painting
mountains and still has a plenty of sketches and unfinished paintings of the
mountains. In the high school Kladov realized that he wanted to receive formal
Art education as well, as he believed that he could make this hobby his
profession as well.

 The artist`s mother recalls that she “has
never tried to judge his decision”. She trusted her child and knew that he
would choose his way in this life by himself. Kladov`s father was a trucker, he
worked hard and sometimes was absent for month. Father was not a big fan of his
son`s choice, as he always considered him as a future surgeon. They had a
plenty of quarrels and misunderstandings regarding the Kladov`s future, but at
the end of the day father accepted his choice and even helped him to enter the
Lyceum of his dream.

“My dad was
strict, but even he felt that I was mature enough even at my young age to take
my own decisions”

University years

After finishing the school Kladov spent 3 years in the Art Lyceum in Lviv.

Lviv is a very picturesque city in the Western Part of Ukraine. It`s a city of musicians
and painters, a perfect place to give birth to a new talent. Kladov was very hard working, his teachers remember him as an “always optimistic person, who
was never afraid of implementing new ideas”

The artist
recalls the time in Lviv with warmth, as he met a lot of good-natured and
talented people there. Kladov avoids using word “talented” as for him it sounds
rather offensive.

“I met
people who were pro in Art, but none of them was born “gifted” or something.
The secret of their success was long hours of work and self-discipline.”

At the
second year of education Kladov started to practice his skills outdoors, He
painted people for symbolic amount of money, and he got a lot of attention from
locals. Initially the artist took inspiration only in nature but later he
realized that people`s emotion were giving him not less energy for creating. The artist continued his studies at Kyiv National university of Fine
Arts. Admission office
representatives were surprised by his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new
things. At that time his works were far from real masterpieces, as the artist
claims himself, but they had energy, that`s why Kladov was enrolled at the

“I have
been to Kyiv several times before I entered the university there. I can say,
that travelling to there and living there are two different things. You are
becoming addicted to these wide streets and busy pase of life. Despite the busy
lifestyle people there are openminded and active, they never stay at one place,
the live their life in movement and this way of life is close to my personal

The best inspiration
for the artist

After 4 years at the university Kladov moved to Kharkiv. “ I did it a bit late as
Kharkiv is literally a student city, but still I enjoy living here”

the study years the artist travelled around Ukraine, he set personal record and
visited all the big cities of Ukraine and discovered carefully all the scenic
spots in Western part of Ukraine.

“I never
wanted to go abroad, I knew that it makes no sense to go far away and search
for beauty abroad, when we have our own beauty here in our homeland.

In his
artworks he captured local fauna of western Ukraine, for example in paintings
the paintings he made can be classified into categories in accordance with his

favorite work is THE SUN OVER UKRAINE . It shows how happy I am to be born here
in this wonderful country. When you sit into the train and look out the window
you realize that you need nothing but these endless yellow fields and blue
peaceful sky.

Exhibitions and Events

2012 -
Plein Air in Carpathian region (Ukraine).

2014 – Art
Exhibition "Tradition and modernity" Historical and Architectural
Conservation Area of Zhovkva (Lviv region, Ukraine).

2016 – Art
Exhibition during the Cinemaway fest (Zhovkva, Lviv region, Ukraine).

2017 -
All-Ukrainian contest in painting "Silver Easel (spring)" (Uzhhorod,

2017 –
Exhibition of applicants to the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2018 -
All-Ukrainian Exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, National Union of
Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

2018 -
Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

ABSTRACT CHAIN 23.6"x19.7"


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The main directions of artistic interests: modern sculpture, installation, experimental artistic metal, kinetic objects.
Date of birth: June 17, 1992
Place o birth: Prutuk, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine. Lives in Lviv, Ukraine
 2011 - graduated from Kosiv college of applied and decorative art LNAA, the department of artistic metal processing.
 2011-2017 – The Lviv National Academy of Arts (the Department of Art Metal).
 2016 - studied on the Erasmus program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (Poland).
 From 2017 – PhD-student of Lviv National Academy of Arts. The theme of the scientific work: "Metal art of the late 20th century of the XXI century: from easel to monumentalise".
ART EXPERIENCE. Main projects, awards
• Prize-winner of the "Silver Easel" painting contest (Uzhhorod, 2017);
• The winner in the First Prize of Anatolii Kryvolap in the nomination "Plastic art" for the metal panel "Marathon" (Kyiv, 2017)
• Solo exhibition "WRITTEN", art metal, painting (LNAA gallery, Lviv, 2017)
• Plein air "Great Transportation", curator Tamara Babak (Poltava region, 2017)
• Exhibition of the Art Residence "Great Carriage". Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Zakarpattia Oblast, Uzhhorod, 2017)
• "Modern decorative art. Young Generation "(LNAA Gallery, Lviv, 2018)
• International Festival II Encuentro Internacional De Forjadores_Castalla 2018 (Spain, 2018)
• “Lviv Art Days”. Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (2018)
• Exhibition "Contemporary Decorative Art. Borders and meanings". The National Museum in Lviv named A.Sheptytskyi (2018)
• Prize-winner of contemporary visual art competition. Nathan Altman (Vinnytsia, 2018), the II prize for the experimental project "Tunnels".
• The winner of the competition in the category of sculpture “Objects art prize” 202
Other projects in which participated:
• The Festival of Blacksmiths (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2011, 2013, 2015);
• "Exhibition of Student Works" (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2013);
• "Lviv with the eyes of youth" (Lviv, 2013, 2014, 2015);
• "Autumn of Texture" (2014, Lviv); "Lyubordov" (Wroclaw, Poland, 2014);
• "In One Boat" (Lodz, Poland, 2015);
• Erasmus (ASP Lodz, Poland, 2015)
• "Silence" (Lviv, Museum of Ideas Museum, 2014)
• "POSE" (Lviv, LNAA Gallery, 2016)
• Exhibition of Sketches (Museum of Ukrainian Painting, Dnipropetrovsk, 2016)
• "The roofs of the Roman Catholic Churches" (gallery "Izenthauza", Grodno, Belarus, 2016)
• All-Ukrainian Exhibition to the Day of the Artist "(Kyiv, 2016)
• Art project «Wonder " (Kyiv, 2016)
• "Exhibition to the Day of the Artist" (Kyiv, 2016)
• "Under the Lion" (Lviv, 2017)
• "We have the only destiny - the name of her Ukraine" (Lviv, 2017)
• Artistic plein air at "Edem Resort Medical & Spa" (Lviv region, 2019)
• ‘’Alchemy of motivation’’ Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (Kyiv 2019)
• "Manifesto" Lavra Gallery (Kyiv 2020)
• Personal exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art (Ivano-Frankivsk 2020)
From 2017 - works at series of kinetic installations, experiments with visual effects, textures and plastic capabilities of metal. About 30 objects were created in the material. A series of virtual projects were built into public and exhibition spaces have also been developed.

MOOD 28.74"x55.11"
RARE SPECIMEN 37.79“x78.74"
REVELATIONS 65.35"x78.74"


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"I think big cities is a great way to explore your creativity. I love traveling
and collect memories that I can later recreate in my artworks. I encourage
everyone to experiment with new colors and texture"

Childhood and early

Sergio was
born in Kyiv; his father is Spanish and mom is Ukrainian. Since childhood
parents brought Sergio to their trips. “They are people who never sit still. We
went to a backpack trip once, I was 10 then and I hardly remember anything. I
just know it was beautiful.” Sergio`s father was a musician and the boy often
spent time with his dad on concerts. Besides, his dad was a big fan of modern
art, he told a lot to his son about the history of art and even introduced him
to the local Spanish and Ukrainian modern artists. Initially Sergio wanted to
follow his father`s steps and learned to play the piano. “I imagined myself on
a stage then, and I knew that I would never sit in the boring office to earn
money for living. I remember as a child I made performances for my family and
neighbors, kinda concerts when people just gathered in the yard of our house
and enjoyed their time when listen to the melodies I played on piano.”

It was just
one stage in his life, and then something changed in his outlook after all the
trips. “I remember this time accurately. We started our travel from Spain than
traveled around the Europe and ended up in the USA. I remember Grand Canyon and
those tall buildings in NYC, everything looked so grandiose and huge, I was 15
then and I can say that as a teenager I lost my mind in these places. All these
emotions hit me and after our returning I asked my dad to buy art tools to me.
I chose watercolor and canvas and started to paint these tall skyscrapers I saw
in NYC. One of my favorite artworks COLOR SENSATIONS is based on one of my
earliest paintings. And it reflects the way a big and crowded city looks in
imagination of a little child. The painting IN MY MIND also recreates my
feelings and overwhelming state of mind after a long trip.

University years

When Sergio
turned 17 he entered Art university in Kyiv. “What I remember about the
university is that I didn`t like their way of teaching, I didn`t want my mind
to be restricted by the rules of classic art, that`s why I tried my best to
create abstract painting in a spare time. My favorite lesson was the History of
Art. I still remember the professor who was a big fan of what he did and his
eyes were sparkling when he showed us each new presentation about an artist or
a school of art.”

Sergio was
stubborn and tried to protest against the university rules, as he believed that
so many talents can fade away, if they are burdened with academism.

“He always
had the things his own way, we all got used to his behavior at the end of the
day, and also we all knew that it was something right about his protest. Some
professors who strongly prefer classic art could not accept Sergio`s point, and they were sincerely surprised that
this rebel managed to finish the university, but others knew that he bore
something unique in his outlook” – says one of his professors

The huge influence of
animals on art

Sergio has
a big heart as well, as a university student he started to donate money to
local animal shelters, often visited those poor animals and started his own
page on Facebook which was devoted to the topic of “giving home to abandoned
animals”. Some of his current artworks depict the animals (mostly dog) at the
exact moment they got to know that they were adopted.

contacted me via Facebook and arranged the day to come to the shelter to adopt
a dog or a cat. I came there as well with my sketchbook and did a small sketch
at the exact moment when the animal left its cage to enjoy free life full of
love and care. I sold those artworks and sent the earned money for charity, to
animals shelters mostly. Sometimes I even visited the people who adopted an
animal from a shelter, in 1-2 month after adoption and again made the paintings
of these happy and carefree animals who knew that all their problems and stress
were behind. I still use the images of animals in my paintings and I love
playing with colors. The idea is to show the animal and a range of emotions it
feels at the moment of getting a new family. I could really see all these
colors in their eyes which I use in my animal paintings.

After this
my idea of selling artworks to give the earned money for charity, I realized
that the art can also be kind.”

Sergio has
always tried to share emotions rather than pictures on canvas. That`s why he
tries to recreate real feelings of real people or animals on the canvas.

Exhibitions and events

2016 -
Plein Air in Art Village (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2017 - Art
Residence within Cinemaway fest ( Zhovkva, Lviv region, Ukraine).

2017 -
Members of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2018 -
Social eco project within Ukrainian Fashion Bazaar.

2018 - Open
contest in painting "Silver Easel (autumn)" (Uzhhorod, Khust,
Transcarpathian region, Ukraine).

2018 -
All-Ukrainian contest in painting "Clarity".

2019 - Art
Twins Unity project. Leonid Kuchma Presidential Foundation Ukraine. Museum of
Ukrainian Culture Outstanding Personalities (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2019 - Art
Twins Message project. Leonid Kuchma Presidential Foundation Ukraine. Taras
Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2019 -
Plein Air in Art Village (Artyuhivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine).

2020 -
Plein Air in Carpathian region (Ukraine).

2019-2020 -
All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition "Charming and eternal", National Union
of Artists of Ukraine, Kharkiv.


Nata Yasmin

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Serge B.

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2012,"Welcome to Ukraine"
49 Linden Garden, London."Happenstance Gallery
"Ukrainian Art Week 2012"-"Two sides of a single"
November Kyiv.Ukraine/Cenral House of Artists
"Ukrainian Art Week 2011-International Exhibition & Сompetition of Contemporary Art"
The work "Revelation" was awarded first place in the nomination Abstract Art
2011 Ukraine/Kiev.
Museum of Contemporary Arts of Ukraine

THE POOL PLAYER 39.4"x27.5"

Igor Kuz

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"My works are a chronicle of my travels. I’ve always dreamed of being an artist, but I was afraid that I’d have to spend all my time in the studio, as I also wanted to explore the world. Over time, I found a balance between my two greatest passions in life — painting and traveling. And I discovered many similarities between the creative process and embarking on a journey to a new place, because no matter how thorough the preparation is, as a result, something new, unknown awaits me ahead.

I have been fortunate enough to visit 31 countries, and in each one of them, I found something that would enrich my art. Drawing inspiration from my impressions, I have created a series of cityscapes featuring Tokyo and New York, as well as a collection of abstract landscapes from the coasts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Black Seas."

Igor Kuz is a young Ukrainian artist. He holds a Bachelor of Art degree from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Igor's works have been exhibited in galleries and exhibition centers throughout Ukraine. He has also held solo exhibitions in Ukraine. Currently, Igor's works are being selected by art connoisseurs from Europe and the United States for their collections.

Igor's artistic style is characterized by bold brushstrokes, contrasting colors, blurred yet recognizable outlines of objects, and an amazing play with light. Igor masterfully captures the atmosphere of a city after the rain. Supporting and helping those in need is of great importance for Igor. He donates part of the money from his work to volunteers working with Ukrainian refugees.



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“I work at the intersection of abstract and figurative art, which gives me freedom in both technique and subjects that I portray in my paintings. I have always been inspired by the plasticity of the human body, its strength, and fragility. This inspiration fuels many of my projects. I do not seek to reflect conventional standards of beauty or perfect proportions on canvas. My works are about real life, movement, and interactions with others. A central theme in my art is the attraction between individuals, the search for kindred spirits, and the creation of a unified whole.
My color palette consists of tranquil tones. I enjoy depicting the human body through geometry, revealing its facets like those of a precious gem. Landscapes and pure abstractions also form a distinct part of my creative expression.”
Nikiti is a young and promising artist from Ukraine whose distinctive artwork captures the attention of gallery owners and collectors alike. Born in Kharkiv, Nikiti moved to Kyiv for her education, where the artistic environment, urbanism, and fast-paced life influenced her artistic style. She graduated from the Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative Applied Arts and Design in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Alongside painting, Nikiti pursued photography professionally, with her photographic works also exploring motifs of the beauty of the human body, some of which can be described as bold.
In her paintings, Nikiti's style reflects influences from the Western school, while her portraits evoke innovative solutions reminiscent of her private studio work in Turkey. She continues to develop her series of paintings titled "Soul Reflection," where female and male figures emerge amidst lines and forms. Her minimalist, smooth forms are far from naturalistic depictions of nude models, hinting instead at sensuality and the exposure of the soul.



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Anna is a contemporary Ukrainian painter, born in Donetsk, based in Odesa.
Anna got law education in her native city, but she was always looking for herself in creativity, looking for ways to express herself through art.
With the beginning of the occupation of Donetsk in 2014, Anna moved to Odesa, where she focused on oil and acrylic painting. The female portrait is the main genre in Anna’s work. Her portraits focus on the look of the subject and are intended to show emotion and character.
Anna is a participant of the local and international exhibitions, quadruple prize-winner of international art competitions. Her works are in private collections in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Norway, Serbia, China, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Austria, Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Ukraine.Her portraits are a reflection of her experiences, emotions, pain and at the same time hope, faith and fortitude.

GLITCH BEAUTY 31.5"x31.5"
AMBER ELEGANCE 39.4"x39.4"


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Large Abstract Blue Paintings On Canvas Unique Handmade Painting Modern Textured Oil Painting Wall Decor | BLUE TURMOIL 40"x40" - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings
Original Abstract Colorful Paintings On Canvas Textured Hand Painted Art Modern Oil Painting | ABSTRACT MOUSE 50"x50" - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings
Large Abstract Red Paintings On Canvas Textured Unique Handmade Painting Modern Oil Painting Wall Decor | RED TURMOIL 50"x50" - Trend Gallery Art | Original Abstract Paintings


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Katya Chaika

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SEASONAL MAGIC 35.8"x53.9"

David Siver

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I consider myself a passionate about experimentation, I am continually looking for new techniques and materials that can calm my concern to create art.
I have a weakness for mixed techniques, where the painting coexists with natural materials such as wood and stone.
This gives a special warmth and generates an ideal character to the pictorial work for decoration and interior design.


Diego Serra

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I must confess that I am a lover of the most contradictory realities, a loyal servant to my thoughts. My work is a bearer of blacks and whites in my often glazed palette of colour.
Aware that my hands are the designers of the mysteries that knock on my door every day, I make these mysteries mine, I lock them into my canvases and I dress them up with paint, in case others should wish to look at them, or even admire them.


Marina Nova

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Doesn't matter if that 'real physical world' is manifested in dance, in painting, with musical notes, etc...; They are all excuses to constantly enter and leave the spirit with the dance of emotions, with the memories colors, with breathing and admiration... until I get there, I don't really know where. And there I am lost.
I aspire, then, those 'vibrations' that the 'real physical world' provokes in my spirit, and disturbs it to dilate horizons and enlarge the heart until it goes mad from touching eternities.


Robert Archer

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The conception of the surface of the artwork as "all over", leaving no space uncovered, with the desire to create a complete atmosphere without limitations.
Its textures and colors refer to the Earth's surface, with its irregularities, the result of the passage of time. With an abstract appearance, everything arises from the observation of nature.


Teresa Alonso

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I am in love with the history of art. I love to draw what I see, in black, white, and grays, but with contrasts of shine and matte. The reliefs of the materials, the textures given by encaustic painting and wood, are what truly express my inner world.

I process what my eyes see in a different way; I destroy it, divide it, disorganize it, and rebuild it with what I have around me to create my works.


Vicente Marzal

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The secret of colour, my main objective is to explore the construction of silenced identities by the colour.
A visual and unique style materialized by the expressiveness of the strokes, their intensities and their whims, combined with the expression of light and shadow that makes an impact on everyone.


Vicente Soriano

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From the lightness of silver leaf, glazing and varnish, to the cracking of the paste, the sand or the silicates, or the grains where life goes on breathing through the wood. The form always speaks through the subject, remaining sealed like a meaningful emotional whole; the rest is left for you to contemplate, as a spectator.