When it comes to blue color, we associate it with a cloudless sky, or a calm, serene ocean. This color calms and restores clarity of thinking. Light blue paintings are inspiring and mesmerizing, they combine aesthetics and a beneficial psychological effect.

Imagine you return home and in your hallway you are greeted with a sky-colored canvas. No matter how stressful your day was, one look at such a work of art will reduce your stress level and set your brain to rest. Cooler shades of blue can refresh the interior and visually expand the space. Light blue paintings in warmer shades - emphasize the colors already present in the room, harmoniously fit into the interior and evoke associative memories of summer and the sea surf.

The benefits of light blue paintings for the perception of the world

In psychology, blue is called the color of creativity, so light blue paintings are advised to hang in study rooms or work spaces, in offices and conference rooms. The "sea" color has no bottom. It knows how to draw the attention of anyone. It calls for the search for meaning and truth.

Blue shades in canvas are also the perfect choice for the bedroom. If you like to overthink before bed and it delays your falling asleep process, light blue paintings can be a great solution. Blue artworks look very emphasized and attractive on white and beige walls, evoking a sense of security and comfort

If your living room is made in the style of Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Vintage, Deconstructivism, light blue paintings will perfectly emphasize the lightness of the interior. They will create vibes of peace throughout the house, as the design of the living room often has the greatest impact on the overall atmosphere in the house.

How light blue paintings can change your mood

The color of the sea is well suited for romantic people involved in creativity, whose activity does not require rush, active actions, quick decision-making. Light blue paintings in your space promotes relaxation and rest, however, in combination with other shades, blue can acquire a completely different connotation.

For example, with soft pink and pastel yellow, blue will evoke childhood associations, as these color combinations are reminiscent of marshmallows or candy. In combination with violet and brown, the light blue paintings will acquire colder shades, symbolizing a sober mind and prompting reflection.

What colors in the interior are best combined with blue

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Brown
  4. Purple and pink
  5. Pastel yellow
  6. Dark blue

Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in the room, you can choose paintings with different color combinations. If your room lacks lightness, you can choose light blue paintings combined with beige paintings.

Large paintings of blue shades are a great solution for a small space, while a big room can be decorated with a painting in dark shades. If you find the color blue too simple, a canvas created in dark shades using gold leaf is an excellent solution for you, as this combination symbolizes luxury and opulence and is often used in interior decorations in Victorian, Baroque and Empire styles.