This is a rather bold decision to decorate your room with a bright and colorful artworks, but they will definitely not go unnoticed. Orange paintings cannot be called universal for any interior, however, due to their saturation, they give a charge of vivacity and energy, improve mood, and cause warm sensations.

Orange color is closely related to the warmth of the sun and a bonfire, because of this, it fits perfectly into the interior of the living room or guest room. If you decide to decorate your kitchen with orange paintings, you will notice that your appetite will improve significantly and the cooking process will become even more enjoyable and enticing.

Orange paintings - the embodiment of optimism

Orange comes from the love of red and yellow. From the first one it inherited energy and purposefulness, from the other one - friendliness and optimism.

Usually, orange paintings are preferred by emotional and sociable people with strong creativity, as this bright and conspicuous color inspires and makes you think in a creative direction. When we look at orange, the brain and stomach start to work faster, more efficiently. As a bonus, the mood rises. Now you know what color was missing so much in the office and in the kitchen.

For classic interiors, muted tones are often chosen, such as ocher, terracotta, rust, and bronze. Peach, apricot, pumpkin, honey shades look great in modern interiors. They will add home comfort and warmth to the room. Orange paintings perfectly adapt to the colors existing in the interior, absorb their shades. So a bright orange canvas will become more muted on brown and caramel-colored walls, but it will become sunny and bright in a room where there is a yellow or red decor.

Be bold when choosing orange paintings

The main feature of orange paintings is that they are too accentuated, so they look most advantageous in rooms with a small amount of decor. They can attract all the attention and, with a large number of other elements, can be tiring.

There are some tips for choosing artworks in orange shades:

  1. For small spaces, choose light shades of orange. Dark or bright colors will crush and visually make the room even smaller.
  2. Orange paintings looks harmonious with neutral shades and most pastel tones. They muffle its excessive saturation. For example, they look gentle with pastel mint and delicate cream.
  3. Grey and orange is an example of a discreet but stylish combination. Grey will counterbalance too bright colors, so the orange canvas will not become a "black sheep" in the interior. The combination of orange and white will help to create a more graphic and non-trivial interior.

In addition, orange goes well with yellows, warm greens and blues.

Choosing a sun-colored canvas, you will have a huge space for imagination and creativity. If you are intimidated by the saturation of orange, you can always choose more muted shades for your interior.

You can also check options for beige paintings and grey paintings to choose the perfect combination for you.

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