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The office culture is quite strict and sustained. It does not accept catchy colors that distract attention. However, properly selected office paintings can dilute a strict and minimalistic interior and become a great addition to your conference room, reception or personal office.

Depending on the content or color combination, a canvas can also improve thought processes and productivity. Office paintings can also be used as a relaxation technique. For example you can take a few minutes to study the abstract canvas that hangs in front of your desk and relax your thoughts from business problems.

The choice of office paintings based on the basic rules of Feng Shui

Feng Shui says that when choosing office paintings, you should pay attention to their plot. For example, an image of a river or sea will symbolize success and financial well-being. From a psychological point of view, canvas in blue color will calm and give inner balance and confidence.

Feng Shui also advises using an image of your dreams, symbolizing prosperity. For example, images of sunflowers, artworks with a bright sun and gold shades. Office paintings with a rich warm color, such as yellow or orange is a good choice as well. In psychology, yellow is associated with success and a positive outlook. This is exactrly what you need to run a successful business.

What office paintings to choose depending on the type of interior

Different business areas offer a variety of interiors, ranging from a minimalist office in light colors, to a space in noble wood finishes, or a creative Art Nouveau office that uses a variety of color combinations.

Office paintings can decorate any working space, complement it or become a bright spot in it. Depending on the purpose of the working area in which the artwork is hung, it is better to choose canvases with a different message and in different colors.

Which colors are the most suitable for personal office?

  • Blue
  • Black and white
  • Beige or brown
  • Gold leaf
  • Pastel colored

When choosing a canvas for the office where you spend most of your work time, the main thing is to be guided by personal preferences of the most suitable color combinations for mental work.

You should not feel tired or tense after looking at a canvas, on the contrary, it should relax and give clarity of mind.

Office paintings should not overload the interior

If your office interior already has details or the working space itself is not large, then it is better to opt for a small artwork that will not burden the space.

A large abstract painting will be a great accent in a big office space or a conference room. If you are afraid that the canvas will be a distraction, you can check the collection of blue paintings or black and white paintings, and choose the perfect one for you.

Choosing office paintings requires a serious approach, since they will be in your sight throughout the entire working day. However, do not be afraid to experiment, because a well-chosen canvas will become a harmonious part of your interior and will delight your eye every day.

BULL VS BEAR 30"x60"
BULL VS BEAR 30"x60"